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Supermoist Bundt Pan Roasted Chicken

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I really love kitchen gadgets.  The problem is I need a bigger kitchen to store all the gadgets I’d like to have. On the other hand there are also plenty of gadgets that I think are just a waste of money (not to mention valuable storage space).  Vertical roasters fall somewhere between great gadget and waste of money.  They are available in the whole gamut of prices – I’ve seen them for as little as $3.99 and as much as $229.00.  I honestly don’t know if they work differently enough to warrent the price differential.

Why roast vertically?   Two reasons:  The skin is crisp all around the chicken, not just on top; and the chicken cooks more evenly.  That’s because the metal tube on the inside conducts heat cooking the  chicken from both inside and out instead of just from outside in.  So here’s my solution to the should I buy a vertical roaster…the bundt pan.  It’s something I have on hand and can do the same thing as the vertical roaster – in fact it’s even better because you can cook the vegetables and make sauce in the bundt pan – which is a feature only of the very high end vertical roasters.  There is a down side to using a bundt pan and that’s that you can really only make a smallish (about 3 to 3 1/2 pound) chicken on it.  Larger chickens just won’t balance on the short tube in the bundt pan.  On the other hand, I already own (and store) bundt pans and further, I rarely cook chickens larger than 3 1/2 pounds.  So this kitchen trick works for me.

Hope it works for you too.
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Good Old Fashioned Roasted Chicken

 Paleo * Gluten free


Roasted chicken made many appearances in my mother’s home.  Not exactly a holiday meal – that was usually roast beef – but generally for a slightly special event.  She would always “salt” the chicken before cooking which was her nod to kosher chicken (only a nod, because the chickens themselves were never kosher –  they hadn’t been ritually slaughtered the way they needed to be).  I think the salting came from my grandmother who actually did keep a kosher home and would salt the kosher chicken  because, although most kosher chickens you buy today are already salted, back then they were not.  It turns out that all this salting today translates into brined chicken which is a very up-to-date way to treat a bird. The very short semi-brine (really brined chicken sits in a salted waterbath for several hours), will give you a really moist and succulent roast.

The next question is why do I need a recipe for roast chicken on a dairy-free site?  It seems, if you ask many experts including: Julia Child, Craig Claiborne (New York Times Cookbook), Martha Stewart, Emeril Lagassi, Ina Garten, Thomas Kellerman, Paula Deen (bless her heart, Paula Deen uses 1/2 cup of butter in her chicken – everyone else uses about 2 tablespoons), etc. that butter is an important element in creating excellent roasted chicken.  So here is my butter-free version.
Notice that I don’t bother basting; I just let the heat and rub do their job…and don’t throw the carcass away.  Place the carcass and any leftover chicken in the freezer for next Friday’s post. Continue reading Good Old Fashioned Roasted Chicken