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Hidden Treasure Meatballs

Paleo* Gluten free *

potato kugel and meatballs 138

Sorry about not posting on Friday – I had a really hectic week, but these meatballs are so easy to make and taste so great I’m sure you’ll forgive me for slipping up.  This is one of the recipes I made for the 2nd seder last week (oh my goodness, has a whole week flown by already?).  When I was told the theme for the seder would be converso (Jews who converted to Christianity but continued to follow Jewish customs) I was determined to create a “hidden” element in the menu as well.  This was the recipe I came up with; it was inspired by a recipe in “A Drizzle of Honey: The Life and Recipes of Spain’s Secret Jews” by David M Gitlitz and Linda Kay Davidson.  I served them as written as an appetizer (1 meatball per serving) with a salad but you can serve 3 or 4 as an entree.  You can also make them smaller and serve them as cocktail meatballs.  In that case I would use only 1/2 date or 1/4 apricot in the center.  I used dates as my filling for the seder, but when I retested and tried the apricots I liked them even better.  You could probably use any variety of dried fruits or a whole assortment for the center surprise.

Oh yes, in addition to making 2 seders and a kosher for Passover meal for the lunch program I have been a little tied up with this or should I say him:


This is my newest family member the day I first saw him at the adoption event.  He was found in an abandoned building in Harlem.  He’s 10 weeks old and his name is…that’s a good question.  I always give my pets food names and the current front runner is Remy Martin, but still in the running is  Benjy Hana, Eggs Bennydict,  Harrycot Verte, CamenBert, Schnapps.  I’m accepting all suggestions.

adoption 020

This is his first day in his new home.  And what does Bella think of all this?

adoption 003  Remy 037  Remy 036

She thinks this is the best toy EVER!!!  He thinks she’s just kind of annoying.  He knows no fear considering she weighs 10 times as much as he does. Continue reading Hidden Treasure Meatballs