12 Best Gluten-free Dairy-free Recipes

It’s been a year since I started this blog. Here’s what happened in that year:

Roux formerly know as Remy and then Raffi has grown into a fine cat:

Javier  Remy 036

CIMG2851  CIMG2849

Halfway through the year I converted from dairy and gluten free to paleo (no grains, beans, dairy)

I’ve gone from posting recipes twice a week to posting one recipe a week and one kitchen tip or other food related topic.  I’ve done 99 posts (including this one) most with recipes.

I am very pleased with the recipes and information I have posted this year, but some are real standouts – not necessarily because they are significantly better than other recipes but because they presented certain challenges and required some kitchen science to be successes.  Here are the recipes that I think are worth revisiting:

 Gluten-free Dairy-free Oat Pancakes and Waffles

IMG_3820  063

All the gluten-free waffles or pancakes I’ve ever tasted had a certain starchy, unpleasant mouth feel.  These have a delicious flavor with none of the usual unpleasantness.  I also love the pancake mix that makes making these pancakes a snap.  I ate these for breakfast several time a week before becoming paleo.

 Vegan Dashi and Miso Soup

CIMG5953  CIMG6141

Dashi is a broth made of seaweed (kombu) and dried bonito (fish flakes).  Finding an element flavorful enough to replace the bonito sent me to my Asian ingredients bag of tricks and I found using dried shitaki mushrooms, seaweed, and lily buds did the trick.  Once you’ve made a good dashi the miso soup is easy.

Best Ever Chocolate Torte

This torte is based on a recipe I use on Passover.  It’s dense, it’s rich, it’s delicious – and of course it’s gluten and dairy free.  The secret to the intense flavor is fruit flavored fortified wine.

Best Ever Chocolate Torte
Best Ever Chocolate Torte

Dairy free Eggnog

My favorite way to toast the New Year.  My usual recipe calls for milk and tons of whipped cream finding substitutes for them assured a Happy New Year for me.


Palacsinta (Palachinkin) Hungarian Dessert Crepes

By the time I got to this recipe I was fully converted to baking with oat flour, but, crepes are delicate and light, how would they come out?  Fabulous!!!


Creamed Spinach

My favorite way to eat spinach but my regular recipe uses butter, flour, and half and half how do you replace those ingredients?  Olive oil, oat flour, and broth.  But it just wasn’t creamy enough – the breakthrough came when I stirred in Tofutti (soy cream cheese).


Fantastic Cornbread

Even regular cornbread presents problems for the baker – it’s often too dry or too bland or too crumbly.  What’s a baker to do when making cornbread without butter and milk?  This one has just the right amount of sweetness, rose nice and high, and is delicious.  The only problem was it was a little crumbly – I solved that problem with the addition of an extra egg.


Worcestershire Sauce

If you are gluten free, the good news is Lea and Perrins is gluten free.  If you are paleo, Lea and Perrins has sugar and molasses neither of which are allowed.  Using the basic flavors listed on the bottle’s ingredient list, I was able to come up with this paleo approved substitute.


Maple Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Crust 

What is Thanksgiving without Pumpkin Pie?  I was especially pleased with the crust that I made out of ground pecans.  I used maple sugar as my sweetener so the pie could be completely paleo.

Maple Pecan Pie

Turkey and Potatoes Empanadas  and   Vegan Sweet Potato Empanadas

CIMG5877    CIMG5863

Making gluten-free crust/dough is always problematic.  I used a combination of oat flour and masa harina (corn flour) to achieve these delicious empanadas.

Hamantashen and Apple Galette

282  galette

Like the empanadas, the dough is always tricky when you’re not using butter or flour.  These were both very successful – especially the galette.

Best Ever Gluten-free Dairy-free Crackers


Last, but certainly not least, are my gluten-free dairy-free crackers.  They are beyond delicious and satisfying.  Being a long time cracker addict (not to be confused with crack – unless your idea of crack is wheat thins), these are so much better than any gluten free cracker on the market that it’s worth the effort of baking them – and this comes from a very lazy baker!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and maybe you’d like to try one or two of these recipes





8 thoughts on “12 Best Gluten-free Dairy-free Recipes

  1. Great alternatives – will pass on to friends who are on restricted diets; their bagels approximations looked great but being rice based were quite heavy to digest in a way, maybe because of the density; maybe this will inspire them to try different variations

    I’m sort of transitioning there slowly .. and curious: where in NYC (and which brands) would you recommend for seaweed (kombu) and dried bonito, also fish sauce (the Vietnamese kind)?

    PS. Speaking of Vietnamese things, do you have a better (pro) version of my improvised salad wrap (for lack of a better name). More for raw foodies than Paleo, but …
    Heatlhy  eats


    1. Thank you for checking out my blog and in advance for passing it to others. I live on the Upper West Side but do my Asian shopping mostly in Chinatown. I honestly don’t have favorite brands for any of those items – I just look at the packages or bottles and pick blindly. I haven’t ventured into salad wraps, but yours looks tasty. Are you looking for a different version of the filling or for something different to use for the wrap?


      1. Chinatown it is then. Re vegie wrap, I guess I’m happy with using lettuce (we had lots that year), it provides something crisp to balance anything mushy inside – honestly I had no real idea what to put in that mush, just grabbed whatever made sense at the time. But there should be more thought out recipes for a summer salad wrap.


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